We love flowers and we love our planet! We take our responsibilities as a business seriously, in doing all we can to reduce our footprint on this world and make it a cleaner, brighter happier place for everyone.

To help us achieve this we have a 4 point eco policy.

1. Floral Foam

Full of nasty chemicals and doesn’t break down in landfill, once a florists’ staple piece of kit, we are becoming more educated about the havoc floral foam wrecks on the environment and our health. We have worked on eliminating this entirely from our business.

We will advise clients why we don’t choose to work with foam and suggest alternatives where foam would traditionally be used.

2. Sustainable flowers and foliage

We love working with local UK growers as much as possible – no airmiles, tight standards on pesticides, working practices and employment law.

All our imported flowers are bought through trusted suppliers who use growers certified with similar standards and codes of practice.

3. Single-use plastics and packaging

Our flowers are wrapped in brown paper and tied with raffia or twine. When we do need to use cellophane in the wrapping, it’s bio-degradable cellophane and can be popped into any garden compost.

We have virtually eradicated our use of plastic-coated wires, single use plastic containers and any other single use plastic sundry. We are always happy to discuss with clients the basis of their design and how we can achieve this.

4. Recycle/ reuse

We recycle a range of plastic and glass containers as the base for our designs. All card and paper from wholesale flower packaging is either reused or recycled by the local authority.

Plastic flower wrapping is incorporated into eco-bricks. All green waste is either composted on site or disposed of in green waste bins. Info cards for clients advise them how to recycle/reuse/dispose of any non-flowery goods!


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