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What would you like to know…?

Despite the early morning starts, I feel very privileged  to wake up to a job I genuinely love every day.

Vanilla Rose was born in  London in 2004 after I’d spent several years working in the photography industry,  had an early mid-life crisis (very early I would like to add!), decided on a career change and signed up to floristry course.  Since then, with a fantastic little team, I have worked in some of the most amazing venues, with some of the most interesting clients. We have laughed until we can’t breathe, we have drunk the odd glass of wine while pulling all-nighters, we’ve had the occasional emergency dash to the flower market at 3am and, somewhere along the way, our creativity, attention to detail, and love of flowers, has made us very popular.

In 2013, following the birth of my son and craving some space and fresh air, I moved to close to Loch Lomond with all its gorgeous wedding venues, leaving Sam (who has been a florist since the beginning of time (sorry, Sam) in charge of  London operations in our Putney studio! We were after rural living in Scotland and we found it – a couple of acres with enough space for a few chickens and ducks, a vegetable patch and, most importantly for me, a purpose built studio and workshop so I could work close to home, my boy, and his sister who arrived a couple of years after we moved up here!

So that’s a bit about me. And Sam? Sam, as well as being a fabulous florist with a wealth of experience and imagination, is one of the warmest, friendliest people you could hope to meet. She loves cats, hates paperwork, and once found a fox in her house!

That’s probably quite enough about me and Sam but we’d love to hear about you and your event so do get in touch!

Rachael x